Rihanna in Baku – Oct’12

Not long time ago Baku had another visitor, worlwide famous R&B diva Rihanna.
Organizators of this show were the same that hosted JLo`s concert – Omnikomo Music Group.
Unfortunately, this time, accredited photographs could shoot only during 2 songs and from the side of the stage. Just because i got lucky and had a very good spot i could get some really nice shots. Hope that next time organizers will be more indulgent with media.

By the way one of the pictures ( #15) was spread around the world, but unfortunately i forgot to claim my copyrights on it. (but still EXIF database had my name in it).
This picture was published almost by all Rihanna`s fan pages and couple days later was on her official facebook too, but they never mentioned my copyrights. THanks to facebook team, i justified my right, and they deleted all pictures that were illigally uploaded.

Hope nothing like this will ever happen again. 🙂

_MG_4480 _MG_5110 _MG_5255 _MG_5181 _MG_5215 _MG_5168 _MG_5283 _MG_5222 _MG_5164IMG_113032 _MG_5162 _MG_5187 _MG_5207 _MG_5160 _MG_5216 _MG_5139 _MG_5148 _MG_5152

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