Royal Belum World Drums Festival – Day 1 – Opening

Our trip to Malaysia – Day 1

As this year i am continuing to participate in the festival again, i decided to publish pictures from last year’s trip.

I was invited to be a photographer for Azerbaijani team: Natig Shirinov and his band – Natig Rhythm Group

& band’s manager – Toro


The flight was from the snowing Baku to Istanbul (3:00 hours)  with 5 hours flight difference, and then from Istanbul to Kuala Lumpur (11 hours).


Arriving to  the airport we were greeted by lovely representatives of the festival, and then we went to the neighboring state of Perak, Ipoh city by bus.


The first day was a concert in a shopping center in the nearby town – Taiping

IMG_66319IMG_66327 IMG_66323 IMG_66334 IMG_66340 IMG_66342 IMG_66347 IMG_66379IMG_66353 IMG_66364 IMG_66373  IMG_66389 IMG_66397   IMG_66443 IMG_66433IMG_66554IMG_66465 IMG_66473  IMG_66561 IMG_66409 IMG_66582 IMG_66602 IMG_66619 IMG_66628 IMG_66642 IMG_66676 IMG_66691 IMG_66703 IMG_66710 IMG_66726 IMG_66748 IMG_66779 IMG_66788  IMG_66789 IMG_66880 IMG_66888 IMG_66931 IMG_66974 IMG_66979 IMG_66986 IMG_66995 IMG_67024

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