Indiewalls x Amazon

“Welcome to Fifth Avenue, Amazon!
We could not be prouder to unveil a series of striking art installations at Amazon’s new office in the newly restored Lord & Taylor building on famed 5th Avenue. Our upmost admiration for local NYC artists 
Brit Kleinman and William Storms who each added to the magic of this historic building by way of masterfully crafted mixed media installations. Indiewalls spearheaded the installations from conceptual development to installation, embracing the challenge to honor the building’s history, complement the office’s refined aesthetic, and reflect Amazon’s ethos and mission. We extend our thanks to the Amazon team and to our amazing partners at WRNS Studio and Seneca Group whose teamwork and shared vision made this monumental project possible.” (C) Indiewalls

On that note, I’d like to express my gratitude to Indiewalls for giving me the opportunity to photograph this project. While my involvement may not have spanned months like the artists, it was certainly no easy task, and I’m grateful for the experience!

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