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Final lap breakaway secures gold for Spain, silver for Ukraine and bronze for Czech Republic

Luis Leon Sanchez Gil of Spain won the men’s Cycling road race on Sunday after joining a final lap breakaway that denied the sprinters the mass finish they craved.

Sanchez Gil crossed the line in five hours, 27 minutes and 25 seconds, with his Astana team-mate Andriy Grivko of Ukraine and the Czech Republic’s Petr Vakoc centimetres behind in silver and bronze respectively. (read more…)

IMG_263221 IMG_263225 IMG_263228 IMG_263678 IMG_263681 IMG_263695 IMG_263703 IMG_263707 IMG_263235 IMG_263252 IMG_263257 IMG_263263 IMG_263718 IMG_263730 IMG_263733 IMG_263266 IMG_263285 IMG_263291 IMG_263302 IMG_263305 IMG_263308 IMG_263314 IMG_263737 IMG_263323 IMG_263331 IMG_263335 IMG_263337IMG_263364 IMG_263350 IMG_263376 IMG_263750 IMG_263759 IMG_263769 IMG_263774 IMG_263380 IMG_263405 IMG_263765 IMG_263790 IMG_263795 IMG_263416 IMG_263419 IMG_263422 IMG_263430 IMG_263439 IMG_263456 IMG_263468 IMG_263474 IMG_263492 IMG_263497 IMG_263515 IMG_263508 IMG_263525 IMG_263545 IMG_263553 IMG_263563 IMG_263566 IMG_263572 IMG_263575 IMG_263805 IMG_263840 IMG_263845 IMG_263873 IMG_263881 IMG_263592 IMG_263601 IMG_263646 IMG_263652 IMG_263657 IMG_263659 IMG_263666 IMG_263669 IMG_263674 IMG_263891 IMG_263950 IMG_263974 IMG_263995

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