Let Me Run / Backstage

Old Stone Pictures

“Let Me Run” #letmerun

This is a story of ORKHAN ADIGOZAL (Tural Manafov), preparing to deliver a motivations speech in front of a large audience tomorrow; he has been disabled as a result of an injury for 9 years now. He shares examples from his own life to tell the story of the POWER OF IMAGIONATION, which can typically be created by people with their brain power and can allow them to make their lives as interesting and entertaining as movies.

Executive Producer : Konul Kangarli

Director & Scriptwriter : Elmar Bayram

Producers : Alan Goldberg, Stefan Valescu, Clara Brotons Mercadal

Director of Photography: Muhammad Agha

DOP Assistant & Focus Puller : David Merino

Editor : Shahmar Hashimov

VFX :Tural M Mammadzade


Official Teaser